Design resources I thrive on.

As a budding UX designer, I am constantly looking to learn design. Between being a wife, mom and a student, I try to update my knowledge on UX.


As I moved into design, I wanted to curate the sources for my ongoing learning in design. I started with the goal of setting these up and getting updates without having to scroll through the internet. Below are some of the resources I found useful in my journey, and if you are a budding designer yourself, I am sure these would help you.


For me, twitter has been one of the best way to keep track of design related things. I spent time initially to follow some known names in the field and they keep the tweet stream alive and informative. If you are looking to learn more about design, I suggest you follow some of these: 

Design Blogs.

I have been smart with these. I just created a Feedly account sometime back and subscribed feed from some of the well known UX blogs. Now, I just have to visit it every other day to get the latest and greatest blogs around UX. Following are some of the blogs to subscribe:

Design Meetups.

For me, the best way to be up-to-date with design is by meeting designers. My husband is a designer, so I get to talk to him about design from time to time. I also drop by some meetups to network and talk about the challenges other designers are facing in their workplace and how are they managing that. Some meetups around bay are are:

Design Meetups.

This one is a little hard for me. I rarely spend time with books. I was lucky to have some design books lying around my home and did partially read some of them. Here are some of them that I actually liked reading: