Hey there!
I am Sonali Nigam.


For more than a year, I am focused in simplifying complex cloud technologies at VMware. Prior to this, I have enjoyed bringing simple, useful and delightful experiences into otherwise complex enterprise applications. During this time, I had the opportunity to work on a wide range of communication products at Cisco Inc

I stumbled into design after my husband, who is a designer, discussed his projects with me. It intrigued me into the thought process that went in making things well-designed. With design books being handy at home, I started reading more on design. In a few months, I was a convert, ready to get my hands dirty on a project. At home, I redesigned DoorDash to make it work for me and the folks I interviewed. Later, I joined General Assembly to formally study design and get experience with design projects. Since then, I have taken online courses with UCSD and NN/g to shape my understanding of experience design. With a background in business, I bring a unique perspective to connect the dots between user needs and business goals. 

When not designing, I love spending time to keep myself, and my family healthy. I like cooking healthy, trying new exercise regiments, and whenever I get time, spend time with the nature. On that note, I love to garden - I am on a mission to create a green backyard in my apartment! I have been exploring myself creatively - from cooking, to painting to just observing and comtemplating on how to design a better world.

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